بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaah dear sister 🌸,

Are you ready to teach your child 130 Arabic words in two months?

Then you'll love what I have in store for you!

You can get this 16-in-1 bundle for $19.00.


You know you should be teaching your child Arabic, but you don't feel capable enough yet and you have no idea where to start...

There's nothing more frustrating than to feel like you want to teach your child Arabic, but you don't feel skillful enough to do so. As a result, you have no idea where to start and time keeps going by. And there's nothing more disheartening than to come to the realization that you never actually got the chance to undertake this beautiful journey with your child - only to have your child growing up without even knowing basic Arabic words.

You know that you should be sitting down with them to teach them Arabic. The Arabic language holds a special place in our religion. It's the language of the Qur'an and there's a wealth of knowledge available from our scholars if you understand the Arabic language. Learning Arabic is a beautiful and honorable goal. But like with everything that is learned, you should start somewhere. Teaching your children basic Arabic words is a great first step. and it sets a foundation for further Arabic studies, in shaa Allaah.

But if you're not fluent in Arabic yourself (yet), it can be overwhelming to think about teaching your child. I'm sure you're familiar with the saying that children are like sponges. It doesn't take them a lot of effort to learn something. I'm sure you're aware of this and maybe you have attempted teaching your child Arabic words consistently. Maybe you have purchased or printed out tools already to help you with teaching them. But what if it isn't working?

As a mother you find that you have little time to sit down and make a proper plan for consistent teaching, and since you have little time you find yourself procrastinating the teaching of your children. You want to make sure that you're doing it the right way. You also need high quality products that ensure progress and proven results.

The truth is that teaching your child Arabic is a game changer. One that will give you both fulfillment, a mighty fun time, and it will even give the opportunity to build a strong foundation for the rest of your child's life.

You just need the right resources to get started

I'm Umm Hidayah, and I want to help you overcome the struggles of teaching basic Arabic vocabulary at home.

I'm a mother of three children, and just like you, I want to teach them the Arabic language. I'm by no means fluent in this beautiful language, but I've come to learn that this doesn't have to mean that I can't teach my children what I already know.

In 2015 my husband and I started the website www.learnarabicwords.net. Back then, we knew that if you start with expanding your Arabic vocabulary first you can lay down a strong foundation for further Arabic studies. This principle is applicable for everyone, children included.

When my first child became a toddler, I wanted to teach her some Arabic words. Soon I came to realize that children want to have fun while learning, so I started with some activities like using flash cards and playing memory. In a short time, she was able to name all of the animals that are included in this bundle. And this was achieved by only spending a few minutes a day with her.

Back then I was using different Arabic resources and activities and looking back, it would have been really helpful if I had used just a few consistent products that covered a good amount of basic Arabic words. This is why I have created this bundle for you.

This 16-in-1 bundle will help you teach your child 130 Arabic words in two months

This 16-in-1 product is a beautifully designed bundle of 16 printable products, designed to help you start teaching right away.

The bundle is created to help Muslim mothers get a start in teaching their child Arabic words at home because I know how confusing and hard it can be to figure out where to begin. And, alhamdulillaah, so far, my resources have been really beneficial for other mothers from across the world.

If you are a Muslim mom struggling to find a way to take the first step in teaching your child Arabic, this is an opportunity that will not want to miss.


Here's what's included

Note: these are printable products, no physical items will be shipped.

Animals in Arabic flash cards
Value: $7.50
Animals in Arabic memory game
Value: $6.00
Animals in Arabic coloring pages
Value: $5.00
Professions in Arabic flash cards
Value: $7.50
Professions in Arabic memory game
Value: $6.00
Professions in Arabic coloring pages
Value: $5.00
Vehicles in Arabic flash cards
Value: $7.50
Vehicles in Arabic memory game
Value: $6.00
Vehicles in Arabic coloring pages
Value: $5.00
Fruits and vegetables in Arabic flash cards
Value: $7.50
Vehicles in Arabic memory game
Value: $6.00
Breakfast in Arabic flash cards
Value: $7.50
Breakfast in Arabic memory game
Value: $6.00
Animals 2nd pack in Arabic flash cards
Value: $7.50
Animals 2nd pack in Arabic memory game
Value: $6.00
Animals 2nd pack in Arabic coloring pages
Value: $5.00
Total value: $101.00
Bundle price: $19.00


When you purchase the ultimate 16-in-1 bundle, you will have instant access to all the tools you need to teach your child 130 commonly used Arabic words. Our resources are suitable for mothers who are not skillful in Arabic yet to use and teach their child Arabic words.

All of the products can be printed at home and are easy to use.

There will be printing instructions included to ensure that you'll get everything you need to get started! You'll be able to create beautiful Arabic teaching tools that will bring a lifetime of benefit, in shaa Allaah


This is what your child will learn while having a blast

This bundle of 16 products includes Arabic words from five practical categories. You'll be able to teach Arabic words of animals, professions, fruits and vegetables, breakfast items, and vehicles.

  • 48 animal names
  • 19 common professions
  • 20 vehicles
  • 24 fruits and vegetables
  • 19 breakfast items
  • Total: 130 common Arabic words

Teach your child 130 Arabic words without much effort

You'll be able to give your child the gift of knowing the Arabic words of things they are already familiar with. The Arabic words that your child will learn through the bundle are words they can use in real life. Children love to learn things that are practical in nature. Imagine how nice it must feel for your child to use the Arabic words in their daily lives. By just teaching a few words a day, your child will be able to learn 130 common Arabic words in two months!

Here's what teaching your child Arabic words with our bundle will look like...

  1. Spend 10 minutes a day teaching them a few Arabic words at a time
  2. Have access to fun activities such as flash cards, memory game and colouring pages to keep your child engaged and strengthen their memorization of the Arabic words
  3. Teach your child Arabic words that they'll be able to use in their daily lives
  4. Leave out the guesswork and use the products in this bundle as a guide in what to teach your child. This will ensure efficiency and success in your teaching
  5. Feel more confident while teaching your child the Arabic words that are included in this bundle. You have all the tools you need, including the transliteration of all the words.


What other mothers say about my products

"I have used the flash cards. Those are so well made MashAllah. My sister in law loved them too. The flash cards are bright, colourful, and so attractive for the children."
Madeeha, UK

"The kids have enjoyed colouring these lovey colouring pages from Ummi Teaches me Arabic masha Allah! We've been reciting the Arabic names of each page and Musa recognised and pointed out some of the letters Alhamdulillah."
Umm Musa, UK

"The flashcards are all so well designed, the artwork and colours are beautiful and unique. The resources are brilliant for children but also non-arabic speaking adults new to and learning Arabic. Really helpful, beneficial and fun. Looking forward to future resources inshaallah."
Alex - Wales, UK

When I purchase this bundle, is this all I get?

....no. Of course not! When you purchase your bundle now, you'll get 5 bonuses, yes 5! Here they are, lovingly included in your purchase.

Bonus #1: Completely mapped out guided plan

With this mapped out schedule you will know exactly where to start and what words to teach today, tomorrow and the day after. This will make it easy to achieve the goal of teaching your child 130 Arabic words. There are also revision days included in these two months so you won't overwhelm your child.

Bonus #2: Arabic letters flash cards

With this bonus, you'll get the Arabic letters on colourful flash cards. Teaching your child the Arabic letters is a great way to familiarize your child with the Arabic script
Value: $7.50

Bonus #3: Arabic letters memory game

This memory game will go along perfectly with the Arabic letters flash cards. Playing memory is a fun way to establish what your child has learned.
Value: $6.00

Bonus #4: Access to a library of all the Arabic words including audio

You'll get access to a digital library of all of the Arabic words (it'll be expanded once I add more words) including the audios of the pronunciation of the words! A nifty tool for your little one to learn the pronunciation of the Arabic words.


Bonus #5: Animal card game 'Quartets'

This is a really fun card game, originally from the Netherlands. It contains 9 sets of Arabic animal cards for your family to play and learn at the same time! Detailed game instructions are included
Value: $7.50


30 day money-back guarantee

I really hope that you and your family benefit from this 16-in-1 bundle and I am positive you will. However, if you're not satisfied with this bundle in any way, there's a 30 day money-back guarantee! All you will have to do is contact me and I will refund the full amount, no questions asked. You can contact me at umm.hidayah@ummiteachesmearabic.com.

Curious what my products look like in action?

Here are some home made videos and photos of other mothers that they have sent me, because they and their children where so happy with the products.


Frequently asked questions

Do you have physical products?

For the time being my products are only available in digital PDF format. You can print the products at home and get started right away!

What do I need to make these products at home?

All you need is a printer (or a place where you can print). You will receive ready to print PDF documents as well as printing instructions. For the cards I recommend to laminate them, so they can last longer, but this is optional.

How soon after purchasing will I receive my product?

Immediately. You will find the download links to all the products on the thank you page after your purchase, as well as in the confirmation order email.

How do I know whether this bundle is right for me?

If you are:
1. A muslim mother who struggles with teaching their children basic Arabic words consistently.
Either because it's overwhelming or because you are not skillful in Arabic yourself.
2. You're looking for high quality ready to use products with a guided plan.

Then this bundle is definitely for you!

What are the payment options?

You can select your favorite payment option at the checkout: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, iDEAL, Apple Pay, Google Pay and others.

What if I am not satisfied?

If you're not satisfied with this bundle in any way, there's a 30 day money-back guarantee!

Any other question?

Contact me at umm.hidayah@ummiteachesmearabic.com and I will be sure to answer your questions as soon as possible in shaa Allah.