MEGA coloring book – 93 coloring pages


This MEGA coloring book pack contains 93 Arabic coloring pages that display common animals, vehicles and professions for your kids to color and learn at the same time!

✔️ Great Eid gift
✔️ Word in Arabic on each page
✔️ No eyes
✔️ Cheerful drawings that will make your child smile
✔️ Suitable for both boys and girls

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Introducing a great resource to help your little one get familiar with Arabic and have fun while doing so.

This Arabic coloring book will help you teach your child over 90 Arabic words. Each coloring page contains a picture of the animal and its name in Arabic written above it.

Each coloring page has a back so you won’t have to worry about possible bleeding of the markers/paint coming on another coloring page or where your little one can sketch and be creative. These coloring pages are an ideal activity to help learn independent play and creativity as it requires minimal supervision and it gives you some time to have your coffee while it’s still hot!

This coloring book (8.5″ x 11″) has a glossy soft cover and contains the following:

  • A page with the transliteration of the Arabic letters
  • Pages with the transliteration of the Arabic names of the animals, professions, and vehicles
  • 93 Arabic coloring pages

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Ummi Teaches me Arabic


Ummi Teaches me Arabic


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